The Annual Review
A new year is an opportunity to reflect on what you learned and accomplished — and make big plans for the future.

When you complete The Annual Review, you'll get an emailed copy of your responses and an optional reminder 3 months from now to check back in on your goals. This was the playbook for my own annual review and I hope you find it helpful!  — Jason Shen
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Reflecting on 2016

"It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgment." — Marcus Tullius Cicero

Let's follow Ciero's advice and begin this Annual Review with a reflection the year that was.

What were your highlights from 2017? *

What went well? What were you proud of? What brought you joy and meaning?
What were your low points from 2017? *

What sucked? What went wrong? What made you sad / hurt / angry?
What lessons will you take away from 2017? *

What does the older, wiser you know today? What have you learned about 1) yourself 2) other people 3) the world at large?
If you had to give 2016 a theme, what would it be?

E.g. The Year of Exploration. The Year I Finally Made the Leap.
Life Audit

Let's take stock of things as they are right now shall we?

In this next section, we will conduct a life audit covering 8 major areas. Please be honest and rate how your current level of satisfaction in all these areas.

Rate how satisfied you are right now with the following 8 areas of your life

Health and physical fitness *

Are you doing well in terms of nutrition, sleep and physical activity? Are you happy with the way you look? Your energy levels?

Friendship and Community *

Do you have close friends you spend time with? Do you feel connected to your neighborhood? Are you happy with your social life?

Love and Relationship *

Do you feel loved? Are you happy with the intimacy, romance, and sex in your life?

Family *

How strong is your relationship with your parents, relatives, spouse, and children?

Personal Growth *

Are you getting opportunities to grow as a person? Express yourself creatively? Learn new things? Is there adventure in your life?

Career *

Are you advancing in your role? Are you taking on more responsibility and gaining new skills and experiences? If you're not in the right role / industry, are you making an effort to change this?

Finances *

Are you in a strong financial position? Do you have a good mix of cash, stocks, bonds, and other investments? Are you happy with your income?

Well Being *

Do you have a healthy, positive outlook on life? How is your emotional health? If you are religious or spiritual, how well are you connecting with that part of yourself?

Planning for 2017

Alright {{answer_39915612}}, now that you've looked at the past and taken stock of where you are today, it's time to look to the future.

What are some of the things you want to accomplish, become, and contribute to the world in 2017? *

Don't hold back! We'll trim down in the next question
Looking back at that list, what are the top 3-5 things that, if are successful, would make 2017 a huge win for you? *

Choose things that excite you and that you'd proud of.
Thinking about those goals — what are important habits and actions you need to start doing in 2017 to achieve those goals? *

As a wise person once said ... in order to have what you've never had, you gotta do what you've never done.
Thinking about those goals — what are important habits and actions you need to stop doing in 2017 to achieve those goals? *

What next steps can you take this week that would get you closer to your goals? *

Don't just think about this stuff! Make a plan to take action in the next 7 days
If you had to give 2017 a theme, what would it be?

E.g. The Year of New Beginnings. The Year of Riding the Rollercoaster.
Would you like me to remind you in 3 months about the goals you set today? *

Almost done! You'll submit this form on the next screen. Check your email for a copy of your results — and if you checked "Yes", I'll also send you a follow up reminder on your goals 3 months from now!

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